The Los Angeles forest

I know that I’m coming late to this, but if you are going to buy a Christmas tree – go to home depot

I feel violated for all the years I went to the corner lot and spent 50 to 80 bucks. 7′ Douglas Fir at the depot – $20. But my favorite part, it the giant net wraped around the tree for ease ‘o transportation

Oh yeah, one of these is worth each and every one of the 299 pennies.

4 thoughts on “The Los Angeles forest”

  1. Home Depot’s fine, but the best deal is at IKEA. Beautiful, 7- foot and above trees for just $20 — but you’re also given a $20 off coupon, to use at IKEA in January.

    That’s right. A free tree. We’ve hit the IKEA for several years now, and this year’s was the best tree yet.

    IKEA only sells its trees the first weekend of December — plan now for next year.

  2. Lets hear it for supporting Corporate America in liu of Mom and Pops stores.

    Yay Capitalism.

  3. Yeah, Boo on IKEA, but not for being a big corporate mom&pop crusher (sorry, previous commenter)… mainly for only making their trees available earlier than I like to buy ’em. First weekend of December… by the last weeked the tree’s a fire hazard.

    So instead we plunked down $80 (!) for an 8-foot noble fir at the Delancey Foundation lot on the corner of Glendale and Silver Lake blvds. Yay, capitalism indeed.

  4. I actually used the Delancey Foundation’s moving services for my move across Silver Lake last July. Can’t rave enough about how professional, efficient, and affordable they are.

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