Believe It or Not: Not All Parking Officers Are Souless Vampires

I’ve been super busy lately, so my list of “things to post to bLA” is getting long. But I wanted to note this briefly before I forgot. As I’ve mentioned previously, I just moved into a new neighborhood. Mondays and Tuesdays are alternate No Parking/street sweeping days. The whole city’s covered in them, so I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. In my old pad, these things were the bane of everyone. I don’t think there was one person in my complex that hadn’t been ticketed at least once for forgetting to move thier car. In my new ‘hood, however, things are a bit different. I had been trying to figure out who in the hell was pulling up outside and honking their horn at the beginning of every week. This morning I finally realized, the parking officers in my neighborhood actually honk in front of the houses that still have cars parked out front at street sweeping time. So you can come out and move it before they write you a ticket. Now that’s public service.

6 thoughts on “Believe It or Not: Not All Parking Officers Are Souless Vampires”

  1. Unbelievable. No, really. I don’t believe it. They do, after all, get paid on commission. Either your parking enforcement officer lives in the neighborhood or your neighbors have made violent threats against his/her life├ľmaybe trapped them with roadblocks on either end of the street and attacked with torches and pitchforks.

    I’ve got one conscientious neighbor who has on several occasions knocked on my door five minutes before the ticketing period. Saved my ass more than once.


    I know Parking Enforcement folks are just doing their jobs, but they have seriously f-ed me over too many times with tickets I didn’t deserve…

  3. That is awesome. And unheard of. You should definately pat that parking officer on the back next time he/she honks!

  4. another plus to living in mb: all of the meters have been covered by plastic bags saying “you’re free to park here for two hours, happy holidays from mb parking enforcement”.

  5. Traffic officers DO NOT get paid on commission. They are the same folks who get you through traffic lights when they go down and who are called out in emergency situations. They have a set salary. End of story.

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