A Party? At This Time of Year? It’s So Crazy, It Just Might Work

The Chicago Metblog is having a get together so the bloggers and the readers can meet. It’s a great idea, and I’m unabashedly stealing it. So we’re having a party. And you’re all invited:

Blogging.LA End-of-’04 Social
When: Thursday, December 30, 8:00pm->???
Where: The Millennium Biltmore Hotel Bar, 506 South Grand Avenue
Why: Because Dec. 30 is the new New Year’s Eve

Hope to see you there.
Julie, Your Cruise Director

6 thoughts on “A Party? At This Time of Year? It’s So Crazy, It Just Might Work”

  1. Thanks for the invitation, it’s a terrific idea. But please, please, don’t hold it at the Biltmore! Normally, I encourage everyone to use the Biltmore, which, in addition to being beautiful, is union as well. But Local 11 of UNITE HERE has announced a boycott of the hotels that are taking harsh stands against workers’ key demands in contract negotiations. The hotels are the Century Plaza, the St. Regis, the Bonaventure, the Biltmore, the Regent Beverly Wilshire, the Hyatt Regency L.A., the Wilshire Grand, the “Rock’n’Roll” Hyatt West Hollywood, and the Sheraton Universal.

    My boss, Eric Garcetti, along with many other elected officials, has refused to attend many seasonal events and charity dinners at the boycotted hotels. I’m sure no one meant anything wrong by scheduling it, but it would be a great act of solidarity to move to a non-controversial location—and to let the management at the Biltmore know why.

    The hotels have argued that such a boycott only hurts the workers, but each hotel’s workers have supported the boycott, knowing full well that it means some lost business. Please honor their request.

    (As a daily reader and semi-frequent commenter, I’d love to stop in to a boycott-safe event. Alas, I’m traveling. Have fun!)

    Read more about the boycott.

  2. Oh man. That’s a drag. I vote to move it. How about the HMS Bounty? It’s smaller, but also chat-friendly and affordable. Depending on what the turnout is, we might want to let them know in advance.

    BTW, I vote we call it the “bLA Festivus Celebration.”

  3. I won’t be here for the party, but have two recommendations for moving it.

    First – Barbara’s at the Brewery in the Brewery Arts Complex. Independently owned and operated and a cool, accomodating space. Not terribly expensive either and with free parking (but not as easy to get to using public transpo).

    Second – the Standard lobby bar was pretty kickass when we went to the Sent show, but it is expensive.

  4. Cybele’s suggestion of Barbara’s is an excellent one. A tad off the MTA path, perhaps, but a good-sized space. Nice menu. Big bar.

    Otherwise howsabout we do an outdoor bring-your-own-flask thing across the street from the Biltmore in Pershing Square and protest the hotel… in binary code… while having a silly string fight.

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