Made of Money

While it doesnít bother me personally, as I am independently wealthy, I imagine it must bother some of the lesser privileged that the venue ads in the LA Weekly donít include admission prices/cover charges. The latest to submit to this peculiar LA custom is local fave, The Echo. (canít wait to find out who amongst the denizens bit the bouncer at The Echo). What prompted this tradition and why, oh, why would an Eastside haunt succumb? Is this some sort of reverse psychology marketing ploy? If we donít know how much it costs, thereís nothing to stop us from going? Or is it another building block of the Los Angeles fantasy that everyone should be as rich, good looking, and famous as I am? Used to be I knew if I arrived at The Echo before 10:30, Iíd save a few bucks which Iíd promptly exchange for a refreshing beverage. Now, who knows if early arrival prompts a discount? Who knows what to expect at all? Especially considering recent George Clinton ticket prices above forty dollars, shouldnít the ad give the public some frame of reference to avoid embarrassing cash shortages? Now, to be fair, the Echoís calendar listing (as opposed to their quarter page ad) and their website do feature prices; many other venues donít. Props to Spaceland for maximizing my time by indicating prices in their ads. A quick perusal of this weekís Weekly reveals that theyíre the only one.

2 thoughts on “Made of Money”

  1. this means everyone should come to spaceland on monday to see/support thelonious monster. they are great (and if they are not, its free, so who cares)!!

    xoxo, b

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