Get your Fabulous on for the holidays

gregFilkensMain.jpgIf you never saw the Fabulous Monsters’ Ramayana 2K4 in one of its many L.A. (or NYC, for that matter) incarnations, I feel for you. However, you can still get that Monsters vibe and maybe come away with a piece of something Fabulous this season if you show up at the 1st Annual Fabulous Monsters Art Party this Saturday (that’s TOMORROW), December 19th.

According to the email I got, there will be FREE (as in, no cover) “music, fun, food & shopping.” I can’t believe they’ll be giving away food and I’m pretty sure they’ll make you pay for your items but damn, those Monsters know how to party.

Items for sale include masks & clothes by Sheryl Schaeffer; hoops (sic) by Dawn Light Amora, art & clothes by the extraordinary costume designer, Robert Prior; and hip huggers & fudgee shoulder bags by someone named “Mikiko” who’s probably cool, too. Plus a bunch of art & stuff from over 30 artists from Electric Grasshopper in Silver Lake. Proceeds benefit the individual artists as well as Fabulous Monsters, an outrageously inventive L.A. theater company.

From 2-7pm, Saturday, Dec. 19 at Abundant Sugar (in the Brewery Arts Complex) 618 A. Moulton Ave, Los Angeles, CA. Music by Rara and friends (the Monsters & Co. are super-into electronica).

Be there or be, um, square. For reals. These cats are supah-cool.