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Occasionally we find someone special in the blogoschmeer, a writer that not only stands out from the rest but who really puts the silly sturm und drang stuff into stark relief.

One well-known example is Kevin Sites, a freelance journalist who has been covering events on the ground in Iraq (facilitated by and BoingBoing diva Xeni Jardin).

I’d like to offer another name, one from Los Angeles who you may or may not have heard of already. Bryan Frank has been posting on his beFrank site since last May. He is a news photographer with a local television station. This is from his very first post:

There’s nothing more hateful, than killing a child. Today I covered the murder of 11 year old Bryan Lockley. Freaks me out that his name and mine are the same right down to the spelling. We talked to his sister and she showed us the trail of blood that led to where the body was found. I can’t imagine the pain that something like that happening to one of my family members would cause….

Kind of puts your latest cat photos in perspective, doesn’t it?

What’s most intriguing about beFrank isn’t the dramatic human stories he covers, nor the celebrity sightings, nor the “insider” view of the TV news biz. What keeps you reading are the attitude and emotion behind the camera, evident from the very beginning in the rest of that post about the murdered boy:

…This wasn’t the first time I covered a kid’s murder. It just never gets any easier. Was it sad? Yeah, it was sad. I just hope we didn’t add to the pain that the family was going through. It’s pretty hard to keep focused on the job we need to do when we’d rather be somewhere else. When I got home, I had a beer and hugged my wife and daughter. I covered the story and I hope they catch the SOB who murdered Bryan. This is my first day out. Welcome to my world.

Like all the best writing, beFrank keeps you reading and impatiently waiting for the next installment. I urge you to give him a try.

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  1. Gave him a try. Very nice.

    Insight to a world where he faces the tragedies of life on a regular basis and then lovingly recounts the normal life of family and home when the day is done.

    I’ll go back for more.

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