Don’t read if you’re a Dodger fan

You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach when your car plunges down a big drop in the road? I just got that when I read Mariners sign 3B Beltre to five-year deal.

Between Adrian leaving, Lima Time leaving, Steve Finley going to the Angels, not to mention last season’s Paul LoDebacle, these Moneyball freaks have just about worked my last nerve.

As The Lakers Turns is getting so that I can’t bear to watch, my Cowboys and Raiders are auguring into the dirt, and scandals keep cropping up like weeds.

Of course I haven’t been right since hockey season was cancelled.

Maybe I need to wean off sports for a while. :)

5 thoughts on “Don’t read if you’re a Dodger fan”

  1. I just blogged about this. Let’s just say that my coworkers and I are fuming (to put it mildly). I knew Frank McBankrupt and Paul DisPossessed-ta would drive the franchise through the ground. But to give us a playoff year before they did it is especially cruel. F- them I say.

  2. Chill, chill, chill. If the big three-way trade goes through, then the Dodgers will have heaping great wodges of cash to throw at someone like Carlos Beltran. And if it doesn’t go through, well…you could always get Sammy Sosa.

  3. My guess is that since the dodgers couldn’t resign beltre (I don’t know, a 6 year deal with a 7th option seems pretty decent), they decided to forego trying to build a championship team for the immediate future and am going for it in a few years with a bunch of prospects. I haven’t gone sour on the Mccourts and DePosdesto yet.

  4. It appears that trading Green and Penny was done to free up money to re-sign Beltre. But he didn’t wait around for the Dodgers – a few more hours of patience on Adrian’s part and he could have gotten the offer he wanted. Now that Beltre is getting fitted for a Gorton Fisherman’s cap and a rain slicker, the Dodgers may pull out of the deal with the D’backs and Skankees.

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