Or you could stay at home and watch T.V.

It’s officially awards season here in L.A. No, they don’t start doling them out until 2005, but the solicitations have begun. At the bottom of the newspaper ads for every movie that believes it has even a remote chance of being nominated for any award, there is abundant mousetype inviting the members of various organizations who give awards to present their I.D. cards for free admittance for themselves and a guest to any show.

I, on the other hand, am being solicited for a different sort of nomination. Yes, for the second time in ten unlucky years I have been invited not to be on the SAG film nominating committee, but its bastard stepchild, the SAG television nominating committee. So while the lucky film nominators run off to free screenings of The Aviator, Ray and The Incredibles at the plush theater of their choice (The Motorcycle Diaries…free…at the ARCLIGHT!!!), my mailbox is filling up with such exciting free-screener fare as “Two and a Half Men” and ESPN’s “3.”

I’m beside myself with holiday joy…