Holiday Lights

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Griffith Park Lights Festival (or don’t feel like dealing with the traffic), you can watch a short, video version on the L.A. Times Christmas page.

This is my first L.A. winter. I love not having to worry about icy roads or bundle up every time I leave the house, but I did get a little weirded out this afternoon when I was walking to the bank in a T-shirt and I passed a parking lot full of Christmas trees.

I wish I could stay here and experience the kind of Christmas in that Corona commercial with the palm tree, but tomorrow I head back east for a few weeks of snow and ice and family. Cold weather is always hard for me to deal with, but at least this time I’ll know it’s only temporary, and that I already have a plane ticket back to this magic land of sunshine and palm trees.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Lights”

  1. The weekend it opened, my roommate and I walked through the festival since we live close by. For those of you who want a little excercise and can’t deal with traffic, this is the way to do it.

  2. I don’t get this one. It’s odd that in times of an upcoming no solution to the problem of peak oil and dealing with a government that is blatantly going after its own self interests in the middle east…and totally in denial or utter ignorance of the situation in Darfur….we just saddle up our cars and park em’ in a long line of other smog making devices, spewing our leftovers…for what…some extremely silly blinking lights. I’m guilty as well here. I took my kid to see this thing but ended up getting out of the car, while my partner drove on, and we walked it, meeting her at the end of the line. Caveat: the porta potties are a plus.

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