Groove slightly transformed…


There was fucking a lot of people at Bazaar Bizarre along with bad ventilation and steamy moisture making its way through the congested room. It was like a turkish spa except everyone wore clothes. And there were girls too! But did the show suck. No. It was the opposite. There was an ample amount of vendors, 80 to 100 maybe, with hand made merchandise ranging from clothing – sweaters, tees and knit caps to artwork – prints, sculptures and painted bears. Some of the things were overpriced some of it was a rad deal. There was a lot of bad shit but there was lot of awesome stuff as well….although probably more beautiful than ugly. The show creates an intimacy that despite the strongest cynic, makes one appreciate the work and hardwork that was being sold…”just a break from the norm” And it also helps that there was a man clown in a red skirt the cake raffle. Of course, there were lot of so called hip people, these kind of things are a beacon calling out to the masses of tight tee wearing emo people, but hell, everyone seem to be doing all right. Everyone.

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  1. Thanks to the heads-up from Jay on here Saturday, I attended the Bazaar Bizaare. I got a couple of the bibs from Black Gingham. We got there right when it opened, though, so it wasn’t that crowded when we were there. Nothing like a turkish spa, but more like a kegger… with Pabst Blue Ribbon. Lots of fun, though. Made me wanna be more crafty.

  2. For some reason my friends and I thought it started at noon, so we got there before most people had even started setting up. I’m sad that I missed it.

  3. Yea, the show was pretty rocking. I got there around 2:30 and it was jam packed – and inadvertantly stayed until 4:30. My prize of the day, I won the raffle and got myself a cake!

  4. Whoa! I was wondering about the cost on a booth but that seems exceptionally high. Let me ask a couple of my friends who had a booths there as well.

  5. hmm, don’t know how that rumor started, but i assure you it was nowhere near $1000. a had a full table (6 feet) and it only cost $75. total bargain…glad people seemed to have lots of fun. it was my first year as a vendor and definitely won’t be my last.

  6. Thanks for the clarification Aldo. $1G sounded crazy to me as well, but they claimed somebody with a table told them. I didn’t see how anybody was making their money back!

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