It does a body good

Lately, I’ve been trying to focus more on buying local and/or organic products from small farms and dairies. I’m not usually a big fan of milk, though I do love cheese. Yay, cheese. Anyway, a week or two ago I was at my local Bristol Farms and found some tasty looking eggnog in a nice glass bottle in the cooler. It looked so good that it caused me to have uncharacteristic holiday spirit, which was doubled when I rounded the corner to find some very good rum on sale for $9.99. I got home and tried some, and it was literally the best eggnog I have ever tasted, even before I added the rum! Intrigued, I decided to find out more about the dairy.

Broguiere’s has been in Montebello since Ernest Broguiere founded it in 1920. They still bottle all their milk (and apparently, their seasonal eggnog) in glass bottles. Their chocolate milk is hand-stirred and made with chocolate syrup and a little cream. Their nonfat milk is recommended in tasty recipes. And I was so motivated by the flavorful goodness of the eggnog that I decided I’d have to try their milk, even though I’m not usually a big milk drinker. I snagged some 2% at the store tonight, and… holy mother of jeebus, that is some good. freakin. milk. And bonus, I’m supporting local business! Hooray.

I haven’t been able to locate a website for them, but their products are available at Bristol Farms. Alternately, you can call them at 323-726-0524 and ask them where to get their tasty products.

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  1. I haven’t yet succumbed, but everytime I see a bottle of Brog’s in the store I have this nostalgia trip back when I was a kid in Hollywood and we used to get Alta Dena milk deliveries every week. There’s just something about milk in a glass bottle. Sigh. And they do eggnog, too? I’m gonna go get some today!

  2. You can also pick it up at the Mayfair. If you don’t return the bottle for the deposit, it makes a nice flower vase.

  3. its what milk SHOULD taste like! a totally worthy investment. Their milk is the best

    there is another good milk from petaluma called clover stronhetta… they have it a whole foods and it is quite good- but not in glass bottles.

  4. Broguiere’s can make non milk drinkers drink milk.

    It’s pretty easy to find, available in the places mentioned so far and also in the larger major supermarkets (Ralph’s, Pavillions). If you want the egg nog, don’t wait till the week before Christmas, it tends to sell out.

    The bottles are collected by a lot of people. Not just because they’re glass but they put ever changing drawings and sayings on the back of the bottles celebrating sports champions, holidays, celebrities (see Huell Howser above), etc. Search for Broguiere’s on ebay and you’ll find them. Sometimes for more than you paid for the bottle with milk originally.

    They’re also popular on T.V. shows. When you see someone pull a glass bottle of milk out of the fridge, it’s usually Brogiere’s.

  5. The only thing I miss about SoCal is we can’t get Brog’s in Monterey. The eggnog is the best

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