A Little Bit of Christmas

After days of feeling irritated about all the traffic this frenzied buying season has instigated, I decided to give it up and get into the Christmas spirit. That means hunting down a Christmas tree. Being of the ‘I love a deal’ school in the finance department, part of my Christmas tradition has always been cruising downtown to Alameda and getting a tree from the lively auction that United Melon has every night til Christmas Eve.

I drove down to their new lot on Alameda and College, about two blocks north of Union Station and sure enough, the auciton was in full swing. After waiting for a couple of crazy high bidders to do their thing, I bid on a perfect 8 footer and got if for a mere $35.00! Then lo and behold a super sweet hunky guy named Chris, offered to put a stand on it and hoist it onto the car for another seven big ones. Such a deal. The trees are right off the railroad trucks, still packed in ice. You can’t go wrong. They have mistletoe and everyone is smiles all around. Good way to start this winter ritual. The auction is from 4:30 til 9:30 on weekedays and 11am – 9:30 on weekends.

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