Weather or not

Is it just me or is it unseasonably warm all of a sudden? I was just getting used to the cold weather and then BAM – they hit us with tons of sunshine. It’s supposed to reach 80 degrees today. It is December, right? According to, average high during the month of December is 66 degrees.

Don’t get me wrong – I like this weather, but I just bought a coat that I’m dying to wear. And it doesn’t go so well with flip flops and shorts.

3 thoughts on “Weather or not”

  1. Don’t worry. It’ll get cold again, but I doubt it will get as cold as it was last week. These little heat waves in the middle of winter make me glad I live in Southern California.

  2. I love it. Two of my friends and I went to Malibu today and walked on the beach with bare feet. It was so great! That’ll be really nice to remember next week, once I’m back in the land of snow and ice on the east coast.

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