Underwater photos

gayribisi.jpgI’m not much of an art critic, but earlier tonight I went to the opening of a photography exhibit that was, uh, freakin’ awesome.

Gay Ribisi takes underwater portraits in her swimming pool (of things like a girl writing in her journal), and the results feel futuristic and floaty and magical. My photo of a photo does not do the show justice — they are really amazing. If you’re going to be anywhere near Gallery Saint Germain before December 19th, I strongly recommend checking out this exhibit. It makes me wish I had a place to put one of those photos, and the money to bring it home.

If you go to her website and click on “Press” you can watch a short video about her work.

One thought on “Underwater photos”

  1. i was there too! i went by myself and got tipsy. it was awesome. i think it’s the best photography gallery i’ve gone to in many months. the prints on canvas were really something incredible–so surreal, like a blend between illustration and photography (when it’s purely photo).

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