Older Than You and Me Put Together

ptfermin.jpgNext week the Pt. Fermin Lighthouse turns 130.

Listed as L.A. Historic Cultural Monument 187, it was built (as you can guess) in 1874 originally sporting a wicklamp that could be seen for 13 miles. The the lighthouse is in the style of a Victorian mansion (Victorian/Railway Gothic/Italinate) and though it no longer serves its original purpose, it was given a restoration and resumption of perhaps only honorary duties in 1974. Another renovation in 2002 gave it a facelift. (Great history here.)

San Pedro is a world unto itself, if you never get down to the harbor area, maybe this weekend is the time to go. Blue Whales have recently been sighted off the coast and the first Gray Whales of the season have also been sighted by the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium’s staff and American Cetacean Society’s annual Gray Whale census.

Please join us on Sunday, December 12, 2004 as we celebrate the 130th birthday of the Point Fermin Lighthouse. For 130 years this landmark has stood as a symbol of San Pedro’s maritime and community history. The light was first commissioned and lit as a navigational beacon at dusk on December 15, 1874. Help us celebrate this commemorative date. Everyone is invited to enjoy the free birthday cake, crafts, games, music, and historic entertainment at the Lighthouse on Sunday, December 12th starting at 12:00 PM and continuing until 4:00 PM.

This celebration will also include the opening of the new Children’s Exhibits. Children will learn about the history of the Point Fermin Lighthouse through hands on activities. Children will be able to dress up as a lighthouse keeper as one of the educational activities; a perfect photo opportunity for parents. Admission is Free.

The Point Fermin Lighthouse Historic Site and Museum is located in the Point Fermin Park at the end of Gaffey Street in San Pedro, California.

The Point Fermin Lighthouse is near many local attractions in the Los Angeles Harbor area. You can contact the lighthouse at 807 W. Paseo del Mar, San Pedro, CA 90731 or call us at (310) 241-0684.

2 thoughts on “Older Than You and Me Put Together”

  1. i’ll see you at tonight’s show featuring san pedro’s own, the legendary mike watt (w/ the secondmen) (www.hootpage.com) in beautiful downtown… (drumroll!)

    echo park.

    (da dum tschh!)

    (it’s hard to get people to come down here to san pedro… oh well.)

    btw, the show is at the echo at 10pm

  2. Coming in a bit late here, but you might want to note that the picture accompanying this entry is the Point Vicente light at the southwestern tip of Palos Verdes, not the Point Fermin light in San Pedro.

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