Caffeine Fiends

Driving down Main Street today in Santa Monica on my way to work, I realized that there are at least 6 coffee shops within a four-block radius, with another currently preparing for a grand opening! There are two Starbucks, one Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, a Peet’s Coffee and numerous local haunts (which I really should try). I realize that there are lots of coffee shops throughout Los Angeles, but I’ve never seen so many in such close proximity. I always thought of Santa Monica residents as pretty laid back, but maybe they’re all just coming down off of their caffeine buzz, waiting for the next fix. I’m actually within walking distance of a Santa Monica Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, so I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before I get jumped in to the Caramel Mocha Mafia.

9 thoughts on “Caffeine Fiends”

  1. I love Coffee Bean! Today, the friendly worker guy in Toluca Lake forgot to give me my bagel (he put it in the toaster, but never pressed the button down), and after I reminded him about it, he gave me the bagel AND a full punch card so I can get a free drink next time. Mmm… ice-blended mocha…

  2. Its a conspiracy to keep us ALL on this fix. In SF, there is a starbucks in my building, one directly across the street, Peet’s 1/2 block down, another starbucks behind the building which competes with Tully’s Coffee on the perpindicular street. You can’t shake off the fix even if you wanted to!

  3. I like CBTL, but I don’t go often and haven’t had the chance to suss out other locations, so I don’t know if the problem I uncovered yesterday is company wide or not. The Santa Monica and Bev Glenn CBTL location continues to ask patrons if they’re ordering “for here” or “to go”. Innocuous question, right? Wrong! If you order “for here” they charge tax. If you order “to go”, I guess it’s considered a grocery item or something, cuz there’s no tax! So why don’t they just spare the consumer taxation and charge everything “to go”? Because they’re putting the “tax” in their tip jars! One barista admitted it to me yesterday! That’s a low-down, dirty trick. Just one more indicator that LA is against you!

  4. Did Juice Newton just reply to my comment?! Slap me silly and call me angel of the mornin’! And/or stop yanking my chain.

  5. I love the coffee shop saturation on main st. They provided for needed coffee breaks while I was working at home last year. Now, I stop on the way out to work in the morning, a different one each day. I’m not ashamed.

    Also, do try the local shops. The coffee is fine, and they have an extra layer of funkiness.

  6. Thanks, Steve! I’ll definitely try Saturation, as well as the other local haunts. The one thing I fear about local coffee shops is the pressure I feel to pick something to order. At Coffee Bean and Starbucks, I tend to know what I want before I get in. But at local places, I put myself under pressure to scan the menu and hurry to choose something as the clerks watch me in anticipation of my order. I’ll get over that, though, and check them out – especially if the drinks come with some “funkiness.”

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