Apparently the thugs LAX

Apparently the thugs LAX police were completely justified to Taser a 78 year old man who became upset because he couldn’t get his car back.

As somebody who currently has expired tags on their car, this causes me to worry.

At least I can think “it could be worse”. All in one day this guy:

  • gets ticket for expired tags
  • gets towing and impound fees
  • gets electrocuted
  • goes to the hospital
  • goes to jail
  • gets charged for disturbing the peace and resisting an officer

Welcome to Los Angeles sir.

One thought on “Apparently the thugs LAX”

  1. Yeah. We don’t have a police state. Bring it on. Stuff like this horrifies me and makes me hope a revolution is imminent. It will take many, many more escalated incidents of abuse like this to wake people up to the reality of the world we are living in.

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