Merry Christmas, have a…banana?

BHbanana.jpgOn the way home from my honest-to-jesus Happy Accident, I elected to take Wilshire, having had enough of the heinous traffic on Santa Monica and Olympic. Got my first view of the 2004 Beverly Hills holiday street decorations and, well…I’m hoping they look better lit up. Because those weird crescent-shaped wedges strung up over Wilshire look like creepy evergreen eyebrows in the daytime.

Fortunately, they have enough scratch in BH to pony up (as it were) a more traditional holiday decoration, as well.

Ho ho ho, and all that rot.

One thought on “Merry Christmas, have a…banana?”

  1. i want a banana breakfast!

    (was that an intentional gravity’s rainbow reference, or shold i just shut up now?)

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