Pain-Free DMV?!

2004_12_07_lindsey_lohan.jpgI had to get my driver’s license renewed at the DMV on Tuesday morning, and I was really dreading going into the offices for the first time in years to get it done.

I made an appointment online for the Simi Valley offices, and this morning, I got to the offices, took a number, and waited to be paged.

And right at 9:30 AM, I was called to a window. I had the paperwork already filled out in advance, so I turned it in, paid the renewal fee, then walked over to another area so I could my thumbprint scanned and my photo taken.

I then got my temporary license and checked my watch. It was 9:35 AM. Crazy!

7 thoughts on “Pain-Free DMV?!”

  1. I had the same experience the last time I renewed my drivers license. The DMV lady was cheerful and wished me a happy birthday, even. I thought I was in Bizarro World.

  2. The key phrase to such happiness is “made an appointment online.” That’s the only way I’ve gone my last several trips to the Department of Much Vehemence, and I’ve never been there more than 20 minutes รณ the veritable envy of all walk-ins. I can’t fathom anyone with the opportunity to RSVP a DMV time not doing so and just crashing.

  3. i went to thousand oaks for the same reason, and because it is by my office. it took a little longer because my appointment was at like lunch time. still, it wasn’t like west LA DMV.

  4. i do not have a driver license yet but i know what you where talking about lindsay lohan i once went with my mom we where there for almost 2 hours and to lindsay lohan i love u i think u are sexy in herbie fully loaded i am only 11. and in real life i would do andthing for you
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    Dylan DiGennaro

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