L.A. on $400k a Day

A long time ago, I asked for feedback about where to look for housing under $400k in central L.A. The common opinion seemed to be nowhere, but I’m here as proud owner of a new house to tell you that’s bullshit. Get a good agent (I used Brock Real Estate), make it clear what you’re looking for, and be realistic and patient. Something will come up. Now that I’m done, I can safely share the list of zip codes that I compiled for my agent without fear of having to battle any of you for a place. You might not dig all of these neighborhoods (and some of them, like 90019, are spotty so you’ll need to pay special attention to where the listings are), but I think they’re all liveable and some of them undervalued.

90034	Beverlywood
90232	Culver City
90019	Mid-Cityish
90027	Los Feliz
90026	Silverlake/Echo Park
90065	Glassel Park/Cypress Park
91205	Atwater Village
91204	"
91203	Glendale
91210	"
91202	"
91207	?
90041	Eagle Rock
90042	Highland Park
90029	Melrose Hill

Also, spend a weekend driving through the neighborhoods you’re interested in, looking at properties yourself. You may have an agent, but that doesn’t mean you should sit on your ass. And while I’m at it, I should point out that Eagle Rock is a total hidden gem. A lot of people told me that it was all tapped out, but we found a number of good properties there. The community is awesome.

5 thoughts on “L.A. on $400k a Day”

  1. I am a former resident of Eagle Rock. IT’s a great place to live. It’s right in between Glendale and Pasadena and adjacent to Highland Park and Glassel Park, all of which are pretty good places themselves.

    Here are some photos from a friend of mine in ER.


    The last one is of the actual Eagle Rock. If someone would like the story behind the name, let me know. :)

  2. Wait, are you saying you found properties in the $400,000 range in these zips? I just don’t see how that’s possible in Los Feliz or even Silver Lake…

  3. I’m not saying I found amazing four-bedroom homes or anything, or even a huge number of things, but there are all kinds of properties all over the place. If you’re patient and flexible. I’m talking first-time buyer stuff here. Obviously you’re going to find better things for the same price in other zips.

  4. Brock Harris has my favorite name in LA Real Estate. Sounds like a character from the Simpsons. A Newscaster/Real Estate Agent kind-of-name. We didn’t use him, but just bought a 2/1 @ 1100SQFT in the 90042 for $380K. It was total hell, you gotta really want it and be lucky too.

  5. Culver City #1 – it’s friendly, low-key, almost like I imagine living in the 50s, without the intolerance. But I boast about my home ‘hood without having lived in any of the other beautiful spots around this town. I’m torn between urging you to come live here to be my neighbor (yeah!) and wanting you to settle in some neighborhood I’ve never heard of or been to and have a party so I can check it out.

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