Sometimes, when scandal is rocking the national pastime, again… when diversity is looked on as radical multiculturism and creationists open a Creation Museum… when explosions go off in Saudia Arabia, Spain, and Congo… even when those dastardly Canadians plot against L.A.

Sometimes, what keeps you going is something simple, like a young hummingbird discovering the feeder, letting you get so close you have to stifle happy laughter while you take the shot:


4 thoughts on “Therapy”

  1. The 1st day of the “shock and awe” bombardments in iraq, I was loosing my mind a little while listening to it on NPR, till I saw a little humming bird making her nest outside my studio window. So I made this:

    I still dont know how to explain that piece, but I guess I know what you mean Robert.

    Lisa, they do migrate but usually only over two states . Hummingbirds need alot of nectar so traveling long distances can be difficult. They also need protection from predators like scrub jays and crows who love to eat their tiny eggs.

    – Okay, yeah, I really like hummingbirds.

  2. Just today I saw a small hummingbird brave the cold to drink from the fusia outside my window. It’s very cold up here today – I was surprised the little guy was out, but there he was.

    The are insanely happy little birds, aren’t they.

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