LA Recycles (I think)

larecycles.jpgFriday has always been Recycling Day on my block. So Thursday is the day I sneak around sticking my recyclables in my neighbors’ recycling bins because LA doesn’t provide bins or service for what it classifies as medium-sized multi-family dwellings.

Until now. Well, I think.

Last week, we in our ramshackle, rent-controlled, 14-unit hovel were each provided with two starter bags and an attractive glossy packet stuffed to bursting with informative, if redundant, materials on how to discern and recycle what was actually recyclable.

While I was encouraged by the official-looking blue bags and the hand-lettered start date (today!) on one of the tip-ins, I was a wee bit leery of the drop-off/pick-up details. I could not imagine that the intrepid LA Sanitation Workers were (a) going to figure out how to access our garage and then (b) haul each individual bag from the sodden pile that’s accrued beside our dumpster to their truck.

So I called the number on the materials and spoke to the very nice and articulate Jeff of the LA Recycles Pilot Program. He explained rather sheepishly that they had moved the start date to the 16th. I shouldn’t worry, though, because we would be getting our official building bin by the 9th or 10th. But, oh–that reminded him: someone was coming by tomorrow and they’d need access to figure out where said bin would go (to which I loudly say “HA!”–there’s not enough room in that peanut-can garage for a sandwich, much less another dumpster. Or dumpsterette).

I hooked him up with the apartment manager’s day number, which is good because this being L.A., she has to support her channeling vocation with a day job in television and isn’t home much.

I guess I’d be more optimistic about the whole proposition if at least the official website (URL prominent on the materials) was up. But Jeff said that, too, would be up “real soon”. I’m holding out hope, but not my breath…

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  1. Wow, I would LOVE to be able to recycle in my building, which I think falls into that medium-sized category you mentioned. Since I don’t have a car yet, I can only recycle when a friend takes pity on me and drives me to the recycling center. I feel too guilty to throw this stuff out, so I end up with an apartment full of junk mail and empty wine bottles.

  2. By all means, call the hotline: 1-866-933-1101. I imagine this is a huge undertaking–I can’t imagine how many L.A. buildings must fall under this category–but if you gently pester, maybe you can get your building on the list sooner rather than later.

  3. Colleen, you’re lucky enough to be one of the first participants in the City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Sanitation’s new pilot program for MultiFamily Recycling. This program is a massive undertaking– targeting 100,000 apartment and condo units throughout the City of Los Angeles. The program is just now establishing hauling routes and configuring bin and dumpster locations.

    Please keep in mind that no “cookie cutter” method of recycling will work Citywide. Therefore, we are trying a number of different methods (e.g. Blue Bag, Source Separated, Dirty MRF) throughout the City to capture the recycle stream from apartment buildings and condos. Also, our program will address issues such as space, scavenging, and education.

    The best part about our program is the price– the program is free to residents.

    Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions, comments, or : [email protected]

    TJ Knight

  4. Yes! I consider myself extremely fortunate to have imminent curbside recyling, and even more so to be among the first wave.

    Thanks for filling us in on more of the gory details. Looking forward to citywide rollout!

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