Party in the Park

zoopinata.jpgToday was my first time hanging out in Griffith Park. A friend of a friend was having a birthday party (which turned into an engagement party) at the site of the old L.A. Zoo. According to a sign, the stone enclosures were built in the 1930s to house bears, lions, monkeys and lots of other animals. Now, they have barbecue grills and picnic tables instead.

I got to watch little kids beat the crap out of that blue piñata, and participate in my first ever potato sack race. It sounded so old-fashioned until I heard that the hosts couldn’t find potato sacks anywhere locally and had to buy them online.

5 thoughts on “Party in the Park”

  1. Not to get too hayseed on ya Joz, but grain sacks are fine subs for potato sacks and can usually be had at various feed stores (in the valley there’s one a block or so east of Reseda Boulevard on I think Oxnard… it’s called Red Barn or something).

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