Saturday Night Special – Comedy and Booze!

December is busy season for everyone, I know. People have holiday parties, there are obligatory office shindigs, and everyone tries to cram in as much social life with the humans they choose to be around before they have to encounter their dysfunctional genetically-related counterparts. As the resident devil on your shoulder, I say go ahead and ditch your office holiday party this weekend and plan on a night of therapeutic comedy and booze!

First, head on over to see our very own Wil Wheaton in a preview show of the new ACME Love Machine show at the very fabulous ACME Comedy Theatre. It’s a preview show, so it’s half the price, but ALL of the comedy! You know you need the laughs during the hectic holiday season. There’s even a swanky restaurant next door that’ll fill you up with food and drink beforehand, and valet parking next to the theatre for $5.50. You can’t beat that kinda deal with a stick.

After you’ve laughed a stitch into your side, take a little trip over to the eassssside and visit Barbara’s at the Brewery for some super hot live DJ action from the sexy mofos at the Review. Live DJs, flowin’ booze, and $2 PBR on tap, on the premises of a former Pabst brewery! Hot chicks, cool DJs, cheap beer, and beer makin’ history are in the house.

There’s no better way to forget the holiday hell than laughing and drinking! Trust me, I know.

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