Keeping It Together

So here’s an LA moment: I came home from my yoga class yesterday to find a note on the bed from my boyfriend and his closet empty. ARGGGHH!!! I guess the yoga really IS meant for something other than my snack-pack! Onward and upward I say. So how does a modern girl ease the transition? Yes, drink lots and stay away from the chainsaw….but other than that? I’m opting for the stay stupidly busy route and thanking my lucky stars for supportive girlfriends.

One of my favorite things in our city is the LA Central Library. Not only does the architecture rock, it’s soothing and restful and I’ve never failed to find the book I want. Even better, if you go online before you hit the stacks, you can find whatever tome you want and reserve it or get it sent to the library nearest you. Warning though: It usually takes at least two to three weeks to get the book delivered.
Other than a good book in bed….any thoughts out there on how to survive a shattered heart?

17 thoughts on “Keeping It Together”

  1. Sorry to hear about your boyfriend. He’s a wimp for not talking to you first. You are better off not dating a wimpy guy.

    My suggestion is to go see Gwar play at the Key Club tonight. Lot’s of hunky dudes and the atmosphere to cut loose and get covered in multi-colored fluids in a heavy metal mosh pit.

  2. Resist the urge to go kundalini on his ass.

    I’m a big fan of retail therapy myself. Or maybe a massage/facial from Burke Williams.

  3. My condolences. Having been through my share of this crap in 42 years, I’ve found only two things that will mend the shattered heart: time & distractions. Lots of time, and as many fun/comforting/fabulous distractions as you can manage.

    Cocktails don’t hurt, either.

    If you come out to PEACE SQUAD (a.k.a., the 99ยข show — see my post of 11/29), I can guarantee you 70 minutes of happiness, or at least distraction. And if you come to the second show, a fine, small-batch bourbon from my private stock.

    Keep on keepin’ on, sister…

  4. Yeah…thanks for the suggestions. I will try all of the above….yeah that’s it! Get drunk, get laid, see a great show, get a facial & massage and spend money like a wild woman! I’ll be back up on the horse in no time. Yeee-haw!

  5. Well…I’m of the mind that getting a voodoo doll would bring out the big black magic side of me….and I’m into good witch shit. And you know…karma….I actually don’t like the idea of hurting someone. Whatever. Quite frankly I’m just numb so who knows. thanks for the suggestion though.

  6. what a [downward] dog he is!? you deserve better…

    *sorry bout that…my mother lives in me*

  7. What a jerk! I can vouch for the retail therapy – worked wonders for me. Mobilize the galpals and go help the economy. Then spend some quiet time pampering yourself! You deserve it – even without this, but hey it makes it more necessary.

  8. Dude, that guy sucks, and not in a good way. Good freakin’ riddance. Now, on to the advice!

    Retail therapy: good. Hanging with friends: good. Give yourself some time to grieve, but for serious, that guy is a spineless coward shithead who doesn’t deserve the time of day from anyone. Instead of dwelling, I propose taking up a new hobby, like travel, knitting, or spending time getting to know your new authors. All of these options take up a lot of time. Trust me.

  9. thanks kathleen….all good advice. Although I think the new hobby should be along the lines of intense pyschotherapy to figure out why I draw this experience!
    But hey! I’m all for partying with the new (and old) authors…let’s throw one down!

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