Your Friendly Neighborhood Post Office

Holiday shipping must be upon us cuz at 3:30 this afternoon, the line at the Edendale Post Office was nearly out the door. A heads up for those who rarely visit the Post Office, most of them have a scale on the premises that will tell you how much postage your package needs. And many of them now have automated postage centers that take you through a step-by-step process that weighs your package and sells you stamps. Unfortunately, the machines only take debit or credit cards. No cash. Inexplicably, the Edendale PO removed the machine that would sell stamps for cash. Not a good move cuz it forces those quick purchase customers back in line, but I couldnít wait in the line for 30 minutes to offer my suggestion that they bring it back. Anyway, surely some of the people could have saved fifteen minutes or more by posting their packages themselves. Itís quick, itís easy, and itís fun (a lot of button pressingÖon a cool touch screen AND keypad!).

On another note, the Plexiglas barrier between customer and mailman (at every LA Post Office Iíve visited) is another symptom of Los Angeles antagonism that has undoubtedly turned into a cause. I often wonder if the crime prevented by Plexiglas windows outweighs the immeasurable cost in human interaction. Do we really need a two-inch piece of transparent plastic reminding us of our existential loneliness, telling us that we should be afraid or that we are indeed the cause of fear? Subconsciously, that has to add up.

4 thoughts on “Your Friendly Neighborhood Post Office”

  1. The post office in Lincoln Heights doesn’t have plexiglass barriers. I get a nice, face-to-face interaction with my friendly neighborhood postal workers.

  2. No barriers in Toluca Lake either (but I am quite familiar with them from when I lived in Brooklyn). A post office without barriers feels so much more human. And I’m not sure if there’s any correlation, but the postal workers seem a lot nicer here, too.

  3. No Plexi in San Pedro! You’d think they would, though, but I guess the crazies from next door (a mental illness facility) mostly stay outside.

  4. I don’t frequent post offices in or near the city, but the only one I can recall visiting that had plexiglas was Hawthorne. I don’t even recall the PO by LAX having plexiglas, but I could be mis-remembering.

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