Ultra-Secret Japanese Restaurant?

Hmmm… moving onto less-controversial subjects, at least for now… does anyone know if this Japanese restaurant still exists (thanks to Jesse for the tip):

I called the number listed for Teriyaki House on Pico, and got a Japanese voicemail asking me to leave my name and number. I left a message in Japanese asking for restaurant hours. 30 minutes later I get a call back from a very nervous sounding Japanese man. He was very polite (albeit nervous!) and asked where I got the number from, and I told him I get it from the yellow pages. He then asked, “which restaurant?” and I said “Teriyaki House” to which he replied “oh, this is not that.” So I said “you’re on Pico, right?” and he said “yes.” Anyway, he went on to explain that I cannot go unless a current customer referred me, and that I cannot make a reservation or even pop in for lunch. It’s omakase only, $100 per person. He apologized but seemed almost shaken that I’d found the number, when it is clearly in the yahoo yellowpages!?

This indeed is a secret place which seems to be frequented by Japanese entertainment types, and specializes in beef dishes (think Kobe). He’s heard that it is excellent and totally worth the price.

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Unfortunately, there’s not much more information available, other than an address and what the restaurant itself is like inside.

I wonder who Benecio knew to get into this place?

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  1. I’ve been curious about this place for months! I thought it was closed. I don’t think it’s possible to understate the look of this place from the outside. It seriously looks like it should be selling lunch for less than $5. I noticed it in search of teriyaki for less than a fiver. Seems to be everywhere in Seattle, but nowhere in LA. Suggestions?

  2. Jesse informed me that there was a more recent thread about this restaurant, and by the sound of things, it sounds like it’s still open!


    BTW, I’ll have to add the Chowhound L.A. Message Board to my list of daily reads. Great stuff in here! ^_^

  3. Shameless plug: you can read my reviews of the Saddle Peak Lodge and Grace from last month, if you can find them in that crappy page format. :P Heh. (BTW, I go by JC on that board.)

    JozJozJoz, you crack me up. :D

  4. Wow, so funny that this got posted to blogging.la, I just had dinner here tonight for the first time. It was AMAZING. Probably the best beef i have ever had in my life. The meal was $120 a head w/o wine, and definantly worth it if you love beef.

    Not sure if leaving a message in japanese is going to do it though. It is my understanding that you have to have a personal refrence (at the least) from a regular customer to get a reservation on your own. I am lucky enough to work with a friend that is regular there.

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