Oatmeal is the new two martini lunch

natealsT.jpg I had a breakfast meeting with the LA Times this morning at Nate & Als on Beverly in Beverly. It’s one of my favorite meeting places. There’s nothing like a delicatessen for breakfast, well maybe a greasy spoon. I love a place with some history. N&A seems to have a good balance of celebrity with zero pretensions.

Sure, some people go for the obvious Canters, but for me they jumped the shark when they opened in Vegas. Plus, it’s a little too ‘rocker still going home’ like Duke’s on the strip.

On weekends, the Original Pantry is greasy and crowded, but has the right vibe. It’s just no good for a meeting.

But my first love will always be just like mom made

4 thoughts on “Oatmeal is the new two martini lunch”

  1. You aren’t alone–have you seen the fast-food spot where the car plows through the plate glass window of “Nate and Al” (sic) delicatessen (idea being that you need to visit said fast-food joint b/c your fave deli doesn’t have drive-thru)?

    For sure that creative team eats at Nate & Al’s.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, Canter’s is great. But seriously… Treasure Island? You might as well open one in Disneyland.

    That’s a great spot, I’d love to be in that meeting, “No, no, seriously, we’ll take a car, you know with like a stunt driver, and ‘make our own drive-thru!’ It’ll be great. We can do it right here at Nate’n Al”

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