What’d I Miss?

Thanks to my I-5 versus 101 schedule, I drove back into town on what is probably the least inspiring corridor of Los Angeles entry from the north (5 º hours from San Jose though…not bad). Burbank and the backside of Griffith Park lack the personality of the Getty from the 405 or Universal and Capitol Records on the 101. But it’s such a beautiful LA day, despite the blandness of the route, the homecoming carried a little of that spark I felt on my first Hollywood vacation from the cold climes of Alaska. With the sun shining, the ubiquitous palm trees, and the slightly-less-than-average (or have I just gotten used to it) smog clouding the horizon, LA still has the power to make me feel like Iím on vacation. It’s nice to be back.

My contribution to blogging.la is off to an inauspicious start after spending the first three days of my eligibility in what might be called, considering recent posts, the lion’s den. I got my acceptance letter in Santa Cruz (heresy!), a bastion of anti-LA ethic. But the gripe up north isnít about the amenities; itís about the self-absorbed culture! And I donít think its three days of brainwashing that persuade me to agree.

How provocative. And in my first post.

That said, thanks to Sean and the rest of b.la for the chance to participate. It’s only a matter of time before something inspires a rant that would previously have been bottled-up in preparation for some rage transference to my friends and family. Can’t wait to ventilate.

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  1. “self-absorbed culture” — It’s hard not to be self-absorbed about Southern California when everyone else in the world is obsessed with it too.

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