The Heat is On

A follow up on my earlier “it’s so cold here” post:

I love L.A! The Gas Company sent a cute, young guy who majored in film at CalArts to light the pilot light in my heater. It seems that lighting pilot lights is currently paying more than his animation work. Luckily, I have a really junky old heater so it took a long time for him to get it working.

If only I had bothered to put on some clean clothes, or put in my contacts, or brush my hair this morning. Argh. The next time a utility needs repairing, I’ll be sure to look my best before I answer the door.

3 thoughts on “The Heat is On”

  1. Very, very disappointed, Lisa! You better do something when the pizza delivery guy who graduated from the Pasadena Art Center comes by!

    It makes me sad that yet another art school grad is unable to support himself doing his art.

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