Orange vests want to know

I know, it’s the ubiquitous traffic post. I thought that I would get it out of the way early, and… there’s a twist. CalTrans, our roadside lane closing, trash picking up, sig alert friends want to know YOUR opinion on all things roadside maintenance. So they’ve created this handy dandy survey. Personally, I’m stuffing the ballot box for roadside latte bars on the 10. So if you have a favorite freeway, want to see some improvement, and online surveys give you a warm cozy feeling – – go nuts. How often have you been asked, “Please rank the aspects of pavement that are most important to you?” I mean come on, how often?

Will told me to ride my bike, Wil said I should work from home, and Xeni has that private helicopter and all. What do you think? I think that CalTrans actually does a pretty good job, or maybe my expectations are just REALLY low. There’s really no easy solution to too many cars in too little space.

One thought on “Orange vests want to know”

  1. I, for one, am asked to rate the aspects of pavement that are most important to me on a fairly regular basis. Really breaks the ice at parties.

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