Dog Park Tonight!


What do you get when you put two Jack Rusell Terriers, one French Bulldog, two Minpins, one Boston Terrier, a Pug, and a few mutts in one area? One hell of a good time, that’s what!

Just got back from taking the “LA Pinschers” (that’s Quint and Lebowski) to the Silver Lake dog park. And let me just tell you that they are now fast asleep in their little beds thus giving me a much needed evening of peace and quiet.

Ahhhh, children.



Although I’m certain that the residents of Overland between Olympic and Pico fought long and hard to have a traffic-slowing stop sign installed midway between the two major East/West traffic routes, I can’t help but feel that the conspiracy to slow me down is continuing. First it was the major re-piping of the sewage system under Olympic Boulevard near La Brea, then it was the overhaul to the intersection of Beverly Glen and Santa Monica, and now this. Don’t they know that Overland is a crucial shortcut to the 10 Freeway for me? Also, what exactly are they doing at Santa Monica and Beverly Glen? Every time I drive through that area I am routed and corraled into a strange new lane as they tear out the old asphalt and dividers in preparation for the new. What that new configuration will be is anyone’s guess. I guess we’re lucky that we don’t have something like Boston’s “Big Dig” fiasco to contend with, but like everything else in this city, the construction here in LA is sprawling, extensive and never-ending.

Plus, they keep cutting into my shortcuts.

The Great Pumpkin

I discovered a delicious seasonal treat this weekend at Bennett’s Ice Cream, the Fairfax Farmer’s Market institution: pumpkin ice cream. I’m normally a chocolate freak, and I only ordered the ice cream because my better half is fond of the orange autumn gourd. But one lick (and several successive bites) later and I was convinced that Bennett’s had somehow concocted an addictive substance that should be added to the D.A.R.E. program list of illegal substances. Extremely creamy like a premium grade ice cream should be, the ice cream’s cinammon, allspice, ginger and nutmeg flavouring perfectly combines to evoke the memory of mom’s homemade pumpkin pie. Right up there with my favourites from Mashti and gleeful childhood memories of Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor (anyone remember “The Trough”?) now, this pumpkin ice cream is premium grade goodness on a cone.

World Vegan Week


Oh yes, it’s that time of year again…World Vegan Week! And since I’ve been a vegan soldier for seven years now, this sort of thing gets me excited. Actually, I don’t really know what it means but I do know that Real Food Daily, the healthy eating place bien sur for all those celebs whether they are vegan or not, is appropriately celebrating. There’s something for everyone, including free coffee (again) for all those voters (you are voting, right?) and prizes. Prizes and yummy vegan treats? Count me in!

Here’s what the deal is for today, Monday, November 1st:

5% of sales will be donated to several charities that educate and feed people in need such as Food Not Bombs, VegFam, and Hippo

Ok, so that’s a bit hippie but the rest of the stuff looks good. Check out the week’s schedule on their site!

Happy eating!