There’s no time like the present

Tonight at the I-5 Gallery in the Brewery Arts Complex downtown, there is a special event celebrating the life and work of Robert Vincent Peluce. If you aren’t familiar with Robert’s work, you really should see it – it’s surreal and beautiful and strange and wonderful. You can view some of his work at the Glass Garage Gallery website.

Robert passed away in April of this year. His studio was just downstairs from mine, and he was not only one of the most talented painters I’ve known, but also one of the kindest people I’ve ever met.

Location information is here. Admission is free. The art is amazing. You should really stop by if you can.

The exhibition opens from 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. tonight and runs through December 12.

You Will Go See GWAR


“Hear me now, you WILL go see GWAR when they come to town “to play heavy metal and split some fucking skulls!” Bowing down to GWAR as our masters is an experience not to be missed.

You cannot resist the call of Oderous Urungus, Flattus Maximus, and Beefcake the Mighty! Buy your tickets TODAY. Do not delay or hem and haw over this. You simply must attend the GWAR concert.

I do not want to hear any bullshit about your plans to watch TV or snuggle with the missus. Reserve December 3rd as a night of mayhem, skull splitting, and getting covered in strange colored fluids in a mosh pit.”

So says Michael. Mark your iCal for December 3rd because that’s when they are playing at the Key Club. Michael will be there so if you are in LA ( I won’t be) you should saddle up and go get bled on with him.

Fuming Mad


Oh man, they are tarring the roof of the building sixspace is in and it smells so awful. They started yesterday but I suppose the fumes just keep seeping their way in. Isn’t the smog and air quality bad enough today? I can feel my lungs turning black already.


Glamourcon 35 coming to L.A. this weekend

Photo used with permission from Genevieve Gallen at GenevieveG.comGlamourcon is the premier gathering of Playmates, Models, Pinups, Artists, Photographers, Celebrities, Collectibles Dealers, Publication Vendors, Agencies in the Glamour industry and they’ve pulled together a huge guest list to come to town this weekend.

I know that it would seem like our resident fanboy Koga should’ve been the one to post about this, but since I’m actually going to be at Glamourcon this weekend to support Genevieve Gallen, one of the many featured models at the event, I thought I’d make the post and put up a little bit of eye candy as long as I was at it.

I know Koga can talk firsthand about some of his experiences at past Glamourcon conventions… anyone else have any past Glamourcon stories to tell?

In addition to a huge list of models (including well over 35 Playboy Playmates), there will also be booths from L.A. landmarks such as Golden Apple Comics and Hollywood Book & Poster and many, many others.

Is anyone else planning to be there?


Where Cesar Chavez (aka Sunset) meets Figueroa downtown is a massive bottleneck in the evenings. Here’s the set up. TONS of traffic is headed north on Figueroa coming out of downtown. People headed home from work and what not. Headed south there’s next to no traffic because the street only goes south for a blog block or two there before it becomes one way, and just north of Cesar Chavez is a freeway entrance and a side street, so there’s no where for traffic to come from. Ideally this should mean that the traffic headed north on Fig that is trying to turn left on Cesar Chavez should have it made, but there’s a twist. The north west corner is an evening adult school, the parking for which is in a building across the street. And there’s no turn light. This means that for almost the entire north-south green light, when tons of cars should be turning left, they can’t because there’s an endless flow of people headed back and forth across the street. 2, maybe 3 cars get through during one light. This wouldn’t be a problem if half of downtown wasn’t trying to turn left. The result is the turning lane is backed up in to the standard lane which in turn is backed up for a mile or two every night. I know that’s the problem because occationally there’s no classes, and in turn, no traffic. It’s the difference between a 15 minute commute and a 25 minute commute.

The solution? There needs to be either a turn light when people can’t walk but cars can turn, or better yet (but more expensive I’m sure) a raised pedestrian walkway so people could walk whenever they wanted and never get in the way of traffic. Anyway, it’s 1:30 am and that’s my rant for the evening.

UPDATE: Success!

Autobots, Roll Out! And Get Me a Scone, While You’re There.

optimus.jpgCoffee Bean & Tea Leaf has some program going where you can donate some dough and write your name on a piece of paper to hang on the wall and show how philanthropic you are. Last night, at the CB&TL on Sunset and Fairfax, I saw one with Ben Stiller’s name on it. But nobody, and I mean nobody, can beat this one from the CB&TL in the bottom floor of my building. I just wish I had been there when he came in. I mean, I’m not a star fucker or anything, but I’d have to at least ask for an autograph. Or some Energon.


I had a rather close-call this morning. I was stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the 101 Freeway, when an SUV (that was one car behind me and in the next lane over) plowed right into the back of a sedan, which then bounced from the momentum of the impact into the car directly in front of it.

And like the dumbasses that they were, the occupants of the respective vehicles decided not to pull over to the side of the freeway, but to instead get out and inspect the damage… thereby blocking that lane of traffic completely. Ugh!

So WTF’s the point of this anecdote?

If you’re involved in a pretty minor accident, please move your vehicle to the side of the freeway!

Kidrobot comes to LA

bm-logo.gifLA gets to join the uber toy hipster club the likes of only SF and NYC were previously witness too. What the hell does that sentance even mean? Who knows. We’re getting a Kidrobot store of our very own is what I was trying to get at. A while back I bought some stuff from them when they were just a website (no stores anywhere) and since then I’ve been getting e-mails from them saying “check out this cool store we’re opening a damn bazillion miles away from you” and “you are invited to this way cool party that will cost you a grand in plane fares to make it to” and other useless crap like that. But not today. The e-mail I got today said:

And if that was not enough, Our LA store will be opening this Saturday the 20th! Kidrobot LA, 1407 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA 90401. (310) 576-7766. Store is open from 11-8pm, stop in before all the good toys are gone!

I’m pretty sure they will make a killing out there. And not only because their toys are satanically expensive, but also because their toys are satanically expensive! I’m sure there’s toy nerds a plenty creaming their pants right now reading this post. Or the e-mail that they probably got as well. I’ll go check it out when someone has a new idea.

What Way?

Found: one sign.

This belonged to an intersection that had both a one-way street and a crosswalk. Any ideas of where it belongs. I think it’s far from home.

It’s well behaved, litter-trained and quite personable with bold black and white stripes. And it’s obviously patient, since it’ been sitting in front of my house since Sunday morning.

If it’s not yours, are you willing to adopt it?

Do you own a historic home in the LA area?

Want to be on Oprah? As for me, I don’t own a historic home. Heck, I’d settle for owning *a* home in the L.A. area.

Anyway, the call for submissions is below…

Are you in the process of renovating your historic home? Do you love the charm of an old house but have trouble keeping it updated? Does your historic home look more like a run-down shack? Are your floors scuffed and the walls peeling? Do you lack the skills to turn your house into a lavishly restored gem featured in an architectural magazine? Do the words “restoration project” or “architectural preservation” make your blood pressure rise?

Please write a descriptive email below telling us about your historic home. Print out and send the email along with a 5-10 minute video of you and your historic house — both inside and outside the home. You MUST be seen on camera giving us a tour of your house.

Please send to:
The Oprah Winfrey Show
Team JK: Historic Home Show
PO Box 618180
Chicago, IL 60661

Arclight parking no longer free

When they opened they offered 3 hours of free parking. When they started showing the Lord of the Rings movies (3 hours each) they upped it to 4 free hours. I’ve been half expecting it to drop back to 3 hours, but yesterday we went and now it’s $1 for 4 hours. I’m not complaing, $1 for 4 hours still a steal, but not quite the steal that free was.

There was also a bunch of security guards walking around, eyeing us, and peering into car windows which was kind of odd.

It’s RES for November!


After a packed and exhilarating full-blown Resfest hit LA last month, our ongoing screening series is back for November.

This month we will be featuring new work by Spike Jonze for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Stylewar for Blues Explosion as well as new music videos for The Streets, UNKLE, The Faint, Gift of Gab, Swayzak and more…

Guest directors in attendance will include Shafei & Levitz, the duo behind the Gift of Gab split screen video “Rat Race” as well as Talmadge Cooley, director of the popular “Pol Pot’s Birthday” who will be showing his Interpol Short Film Contest winner “Dimmer”.

Afterwards join us for a drink and aural sensations with resident DJ Kiino Villand and very special guest DJ Adam12 who has rocked the party for everyone from Prince to Perry Farrell to DCShoes. After party location will be disclosed at the screening.

Tuesday, Nov. 16th 8:00 pm
Egyptian Theater, Hollywood
6712 Hollywood Blvd.

Purchase tickets at the door or in advance @ Res or Ticketweb

Art show

not fake

Sometimes people complain about how fake the denizens in los angeles are. I can see that. I’ve felt my share of fake breasts and passed by guys with a lot of aftershave potion trying to hide their body odor or personality. A lot of them exists.

Six space was having their anniversay show and although I’m not a big fan of parties and art openings…well, like i don’t really need to see canvas or paper with a bunch of strangers and if i need to see friends in general, I kind of just call them up – this telephone things works really well for me. But with the chance of stalking staring at jason lee or wil wheaton, who have visited the gallery before, why the hell not. And than as I parked my car and saw the plethora of people spilt out into the sidewalk, and despite the possible celebrity spotting, jessica alba not withstanding, its doubtful I would have enjoyed myself. Lot of people. A chance for a lot of fake people. As I stood outside without a cigarette that I don’t smoke, artist seonna hong came over to say hi. We know more of each other than we actually know each other – we have mutual friends. And for a brief moment, we chatted about shit and everyday life. That was nice and inspiring. We said our good byes and I looked over inside the gallery.

Over three million people live in los angeles. Its a crowded city but it seems like its easy to be lonely too. Maybe we really shouldn’t care how many people who aren’t like us are out there. Maybe we really just need to talk to the one who is. They’re here. They’re really not that hard to find. Maybe jessica alba.