Fasting Is Not An Option….Nor Is Plastic Surgery

I thought about starting one of my New Year resolutions on Jan 1st…but after looking at my naked body in the mirror last night, I figured I’d jump the gun and start in on the exercise plan a month early. Rampant in the girlfriend discussion department, is that in almost any other city outside of Los Angeles… especially the Mid-West, we would be smokin’ hot chicks with every night on the date dance card filled. However, here in LA, a ‘good body’ is one with hard flat abs, perfectly enhanced tits and a high round booty that brings up the rear. Okay, so my booty brings up the rear, a good push up bra keeps boob job thoughts at bay, but a flat belly is like an eternal unrequited quest. It doesn’t help that there are 100,000 tight out of work actresses milling around. So, in the desire to keep up, and with a glance at the snack pack that peeks over my jeans, I’m perusing my work-it-off options. I tried Bally’s. It’s cheap, but the pick-up scene is gross, as are the locker rooms. So I’m opting for a smaller, cushier torture chamber, the super clean Sports Center in Toluca Lake. It’s a bit clubby for me, but everyone is crazy nice. I figure I’ll jump back in with some hard core yoga at City Yoga on Fairfax and round it out with vigorous walks in the hills. Rock-hard here I come. Oh, the price of loving good food.

4 thoughts on “Fasting Is Not An Option….Nor Is Plastic Surgery”

  1. Hey, chica…I’m a flabby-bellied L.A. actress and I say let it all hang out! You just need to watch more KDOC. A few days of “Hawai’i Five-O” and “Columbo” and you’ll be diggin’ on Flabby ’70s Body, too!

    If you still feel the urge to get hard-bodied after exposure to maximal wigglage, high thee to Gold’s Gym in WeHo. Believe you me, as a (genetic) woman, you will be left completely to your own devices there.

  2. LOL- KDOC! Colleen that is hysterical! Word to the 70’s flabby sex bodies. That one comment alone summed it all up and you have been added to my blogroll, although can’t we come up with a better name than “blogroll”?- again reminds me of a flabby mid-section.

  3. Okay I give up. WTF is KDOC?
    And….on reflection, I realize that my belly is pure love. See, that’s what a few yoga classes will do for ya.

  4. KDOC is UHF channel 56, based in Anaheim. They tend to broadcast a lot of old TV shows and used to be the home of _The Hot Seat_ with Wally George.

    Funny, I’ve been thinking of starting an exercise regimen as well. My abs are flat (because I’m skinny as a rail), but I’ve gained about 10 lbs. in the past two or three years, so I’m fearing that my age is catching up to me. Since I don’t exercise (I hate it, unless it’s rollerblading or some kind of competitive sport), those 10 lbs. can’t possibly be muscle.

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