Notes from LAX on the tuesday before tgiving

Standing on the line to get to the escalators to the security check-in. Yes, the line to get on the line. And the airport personnel must be overwhelmed because Kareem Abdul Jabar stands in line with us for a whole minute before a harried LAXer guides him away from the unwashed masses and through the Special Celebrity Porthole. I can’t decide which irked me more: that he didn’t have to wait with the peons, or that the people arround me kept muttering, “Is that Magic?” “Isn’t he gay” Doesn’t he have AIDS?” I wanted to ask him if I should avoid the fish, but I opted to stick with my celebrity pokerface.

Hey, there goes Heather Locklear! Now I feel safe.

Yes, the lines were long to get to the concourse, and even longer to get through the security check. But the sad thing is that the longest line was at Starbucks.

A lotta Uggs on this plane. But its cold in NY, so I’l give ’em a pass.

I’m blogging this from the plane now.

Happy Turkey Day.