Wanna write for blogging.la?

We want you! No, not you. To your left. You. Yeah, you! Jason is moving to San Francisco which is going to open up a blogger spot here on blogging.la. Think you can fill it? Do you live in LA and love it? Want a piece of the fame and glory that comes along with having the tens of people who read this site on a weekly basis vaguely recognize you name from something they think they might have seen somewhere? Want to have local PR schumcks track down your e-mail address and send you press releases and then send you follow up nasty grams when you don’t blog about their crappy events? Want to have the undivided attention of sometimes up to 4 entire people?! Want to be constantly hounded to post more often without having any kind of compensation offered your way? Then tell me about it. Send an e-mail to seanatbloggingdotla and tell me why you think the spot should be yours. I’ll forward it around to the rest of the b.la posse and we’ll pick someone. I’m net setting a time frame for this, so basically until we find the right person (or two) we’re on the hunt. Show us what you got.

NOTE: I swear to Christ, if any local PR schmucks harvest my e-mail from this post and start sending me “news” about their crappy events I’ll shut down the e-mail address will post their contact info here as the reason we’re not picking any new people. OK, so don’t even think about it.

UPDATE: OK. We heard from a ton of people, and are now going through the e-mails. Stay tuned for details.