damn you, randy newman.

Whenever my wife, Anne, and I get fed up with traffic, or smog, or idiots who can’t drive when there’s a light mist falling from the sky, we talk rather furiously about moving away from Los Angeles.

This usually lasts for a few days, until we realize that we live 30 minutes from the ocean, fifteen minutes from incredible hiking, and an hour from skiing and snowboarding. Plus there’s the Arclight, and all the random local things that I don’t want those damn tourists fucking up, so I’ll keep them to myself.

Oh, and Vegas is a 50 minute flight away, and if LA sucks so much, why did Rockstar choose our fair city to be in the latest Grand Theft Auto game? Because we rule, sukas.

So there’s lots to love here in SoCal, even if there is also a lot to hate. Sometimes it’s a good idea to remember that.

9 thoughts on “damn you, randy newman.”

  1. >We also have rare cement riverbeds…
    >You don’t find THOSE anywhere else!

    They’re all over Albuquerque. When they get a big rain in the mountains a huge wall of water will rush down unexpectedly and drown little kids that are playing in the previously-dry arroyo. Fun!

  2. BTW, Wil, I totally agree. I’ve lived all over the place and SoCal rules “2 tha max.” I always wonder what people that bitch and moan about LA will do when they finally move away to a new city and discover that their problems are internal.

  3. I left LA in March to move to Chicago. I’m now planning my move back to LA because what I did was wrong. It was very wrong and I’m sorry. It was a terrible mistake to leave Los Angeles. And by terrible I mean totally stupid. Chicago is pretty awesome, but it sucks compared to Los Angeles. For real.

  4. Our problems ARE internal, but so is our happiness. I lived in LA for 12 years and I really loved it, but I moved to Seattle after college because the cost of living in LA had me working so much that I had no time for a life.

    I still love LA. I fly down for a visit every year, and it really does have a lot of great things that I can’t find in Seattle. But that hasn’t stopped me from being happy in Seattle for the past 10 years. I brought my happiness up here with me.

  5. Exactly, Tricia. 5000 seems to suggest there is no way anyone living in LA could possibly find a place that is just as or more suitable for him or her, and that the discontent is the fault of the person, not the place. I have a friend that moved to Seattle last year, and she says she is never coming back. I too have found several places I would much rather live than LA, but moving is not an option for me at the moment.

  6. >5000 seems to suggest there is no way anyone living in LA could possibly
    >find a place that is just as or more suitable for him or her, and that the discontent is the
    >fault of the person, not the place.

    Well, that’s a rather extreme reinterpretation of the point I was trying to make, and I would never say something so obviously silly. I knew I should’ve spent more time on that reply. I’m not talking about people like Tricia, or your friend, Mr. Hooks. Of course there are people out there that can objectively decide whether or not they like their surroundings and what’s important to them in a community. But for whatever reason LA seems to become an easy scapegoat for a lot of people’s unexamined neuroses.

    Any city, any place, is at least 50% (probably more) what you make of it. If all you’re looking for is disappointment and annoyance, then that’s what you’re bound to find.

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