Hatin’ on LA

November 13, 2004 at 12:39 pm in Uncategorized

Dave Winer Hates LA. He says:

I hate LA. Always have. Esp today. It’s a sucky trashy city, but unlike NY (also sucky and trashy) this place is flat and insincere. I’m sitting outside using some free Wifi, nice, after staying in a hotel with no heat, hookers operating all night out of the room next door, the shower didn’t work, reeked of cigarettes, and it’s in LA, which makes it all suck all the more. But now I have a Starbuck’s venti iced coffee, I’m in the heart of what they call tinsel-town, and it’s kind of pretty, even if one in every four people seem like they must be trolling around trying to get discovered.

While I don’t really give much of a crap what other people think of my city, I think Dave’s drinking the same Kool Aid that a lot of people are when they go to LA, end up in Hollywood and think that is LA. Guess what? It isn’t. It’s Hollywood. Very different. Very, very different. Doc has our back and comes right out with an “I love L.A.” and also links to some of the best bloggers in town, or anywhere for that matter (but by some mistake I ended up on that list too).

As for Dave, next time you come to southern California, try to avoid Hollywood but soak in LA, you’ll find it’s an entirely different world than what you think.

By the way, it’s called a “large.”

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