Paying the Price for Being Silly

Remember that post from awhile back about the city cracking down on Halloween-time silly string? Well, these went up all over Hollywood this evening. If you’ll note, according to the sign it’s illegal to even possess the stuff. They’re really not fucking around. A grand? That’s some serious overkill.

5 thoughts on “Paying the Price for Being Silly”

  1. Is there time for a protest (not unlike our inspired but unrealized “I, Robot” endeavor) where we show up on Hollywood Boulevard this Halloween dressed as giant cans of the stuff?

  2. I HAVE one of those signs! I couldn’t resist when strolling down Hollywood Blvd. last night. At least for posterity to remember how SILLY our city council is! Or legislature, whatever.
    I thought a good protest would be to organize hundreds of people to march in the streets with ‘fake’ cans of the stuff, thereby leading to mistaken mass arrests and tying up the police for hours when they could really be fighting crime!
    The stuff of super heros!

  3. Wow…and we thought the Patriot’s Act was tough. Just wait till I call my lawyer for bail on this one.

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