NFS – Arnuld Would Like to be President


And in truly shocking news, Arnold Schwarzenegger tells 60 Minutes (the one that will air this Sunday) that he would, indeed, like to change the laws so that people born in other countries could be President:

Arnold Schwarzenegger says he would like to at least be able to entertain the thought, but the U.S. Constitution prevents foreign-born people from holding America’s highest office.

So the Austrian-born governor of California tells Correspondent Morley Safer he favors a constitutional amendment to enable him to run for president.

*Schwarzenegger interview will be broadcast on 60 Minutes (CBS) Sunday, Oct. 31, at 7 pm

6 thoughts on “NFS – Arnuld Would Like to be President”

  1. maybe we could work on getting people from other countries DRIVERS LISCENSES before we move on to that whole “president” thing…

    It’s funny though, that (hypothetically) if you gave this ammendment to the states to ratify, the redneck assholes in the middle of the country that are going to vote bush into office would puke/revolt/lynch at the idea of giving FOREIGNERS power to do anything… but when you make the Last Action Hero teh posterboy for it, voila! In other news, Austria has scrapped the erection of a statue for Schw-hatever because of his support of bush and the war in Iraq.
    Remember this kids – if The Kindergarten Cop’s ammendment goes through – Al Qaeda COULD be president!

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