Sometimes… Dead Is Better

ps.jpgAh yes, Halloween doth approach and an election shortly thereafter, and with the two come neighbors who festoon their frontyards with graveyards and goblins and political placards.

Walking the dog last night and passing this display a few doors to the south of me I couldn’t help but scoff at the irony and then wonder (and take a pic ó†yes, I carry a cam with me practically everywhere) why the Halloween-happy homeowners could so miss the juxtapositional implication of standing a Kerry/Edwards sign smack dab in the middle of so-faux headstones for Freddie [sic] Kruger [sic], Vampyra [sic], Vlad the Impaler, Boris Karloff, and others spelled correctly or not.

Sure, I hear you. You’re saying the irony might have been intentional. Maybe they’re Bushies having a snide laugh at the democrats’ expense? Doubt it. First because the Kerry/Edwards sign’s been proudly flying solo in that yard for weeks. And second because it’s a medically proven fact that most republicans are irony-deficient.

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