Getting to the Getty

My wife and I have always intended to get to the new Getty, but there was such a crush when it first opened that we figured we’d wait…and here we are still waiting. We’ll get out there, I promise.

In the meantime, fellow metroblogger (from our DC affiliate) Tom Bridge has posted a thoroughly spiffy gallery from his trip to the Getty today. If you’ve procrastinated as badly as we have, or even if you haven’t, go have a look!

4 thoughts on “Getting to the Getty”

  1. ok that’s just silly. go this weekend. You’ll be glad you did. It’s best to go in the summer and warm yourself on the lawn overlooking the gardens. Even better is to go a day after it has rained and the visibility is high. It really is a great place to look out over the city. You can park in the parking garage now, so you don’t have to do the silly parking lot to bus to funicular to the top routine. If you go make sure to go to the tiny exhibition space in the library type building. I forget the name of it, but they always have these really eccentric exhibitions. They had one on 17th century banquet centerpieces made from sugar, and another i saw there was on the beginnings of the use of perspective. It’s past the restaurant on the ocean side of the center.

  2. His photos are a lot better than mine, and I don’t have any kind of a real Web page set up, but you can take a look at some of my Getty photos too.

    Getty photos

  3. You totally have to go. ASAP… I am relocating to LA from Dallas after my Getty experience. The lawn with a nice bottle of merlot… You dont get much more romantic than that. Take your wife and reconnect…..

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