Sister City Love

I was in Downtown L.A. a little while back and snapped this photo:

Click to embiggen.  Photo credit: jozjozjoz

According to the page on the Sister City program:

Los Angeles began its Sister City program in 1959 with Nagoya, Japan. That was over 40 years ago and since then the Los Angeles Sister City program has grown and now includes 20 Sister Cities located over 6 continents. This is the largest number of affiliations in California.

Did you know Los Angeles had so many sister cities?

The program is supposed to provide “opportunities for city officials and citizens to experience and explore other cultures through long-term community links.”

Anyone have any ideas on how to take this into our own hands? I was thinking we could do our own Sister Metblog City program and stage simultaneous robot protests?

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  1. Any ideas on how to make this different from other blogs? I mean, we can just read the blogs from other cities whenever we want, so how would we make these blogs special? I think it’s a great idea, but how can we make it different? Suggestions?

  2. I was half-joking around when I was talking about the simultaneous robot protests, but I think it would be really cool to take our blogging to the “next level” (whatever that is!) and *do* something cool/fun/helpful(?) with a “sister city.”

    Thanks Eric for the ideas about potential partners for a project…

    Thanks Cindy for the call for suggestions for something unusual… that is exactly where my mind was going, too!

  3. AS the Downtown Los Angeles Town Crier I think this is a great idea. ANything that promotes Good Will in the world is a good thing.

    Tom LAbonge is considered to be the Cheerleader of Los Angeles and if you have ever seen him in action , when delegates come form sister cities or they come from other parts of the World he is the greatest ambassador in the world , no one beats Tom at this. I will never forget watching him on the city cable channel when the Spanish delegates were here and he said as they left”God Bless Spain”. OK so it was a referenc bu god but we should celebrate each other whenever we can.

    Downtown is gearring up for its first ever Town Crier Comepetition sometime next year. That is if we can get the right sponsors for this thing. I think it would be awesome if there were town criers in those sister cities who would be available to compete.

    I will look into VAncouver and see.

    See you at the COmpetition. That is if we have one.

  4. Well JOZ, I would venture to ask what does LA do with it’s sister city program? Does the program culminate in some kind of dialogue or exchange? I would wonder if whatever the program does, is that function transferrable to a web-based medium like a blog? Something to think about and that would be great, is if we had Blogging.LA bloggers in a city like Nagoya, Japan that blogs about what they hear about LA and/or how Nagoya, Japan is perceiving the happenings here.

    I hope that was clear. Kudos for the great mention!

  5. Fiffe, that’s a really great idea, but it seems like it would be a bit difficult to keep up, and also maybe a bit redundant since peeps in Japan can just look at our site for info, although I suppose the language barrier is a problem (except for other English speaking sister cities)… Also, do you think people over there would be that interested in it? I mean, I know that I read the other cities’ blogs, but not that often, and I just wonder if it’s something that could sustain itself if done of a regular basis. Just something to think about… but I think your suggestions are awesome!

  6. not exactly a sister city but something close: I came to AL 6 years ago from Toronto Canada. My parents live in a pleasent subdivision just north of the city in a burb town called Thornhill where someone decided to name almost every street after a street in LA.

    even the mall is called ‘The Promenade’ after 3rd Street Promenade in SM.

    driving around that neighbourhood you’ll hit Mullholland Dr., Burbank Dr., Beverly Glen Blvd Ventura Park, and a bunch of others… it’s like a parallel universe man!!

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