If anyone doesn’t have anything to do this Monday night, might I suggest a trip to the Silent Movie Theater? It’s a really great place to check out, and it’s the only silent movie theater left in this hemisphere. As a matter of fact, there’s only one other silent movie theater in the world, and that’s in Australia (or so says the guy from this silent movie theater). It’s a great place to take a date, although I think the seats have been there as long as the theater, so bring a pillow or your butt will be go numb. They have a band that covers 20’s songs and they play a few short Bettie Boop cartoons to get the night rolling. They even have a real live organist (although he looks like he may keel over at any minute). So go check it out if you haven’t already, and go soon, because who knows how long they’ll stay open to the public (they usually only open for special events). I think it’s $15 per person, and worth every penny. This Monday they’re showing “The Parson’s Widow”, and I have no idea what it’s about, so go check it out and let me know. Or maybe I’ll see you there…

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  1. Actually, The Silent Movie Theater is not the only place left around here.

    It’s a little farther out (for some of us, anyway) but I highly recommend The Old Town Music Hall in El Segundo. Ticket prices are usually under $10 (usually $7 or $8) and they have wonderful special events, such as Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Three Stooges events. They also host live concerts of all kinds ($20/concert).

    But best of all… The Mighty Wurlitzer… which was saved from the old Fox Theater in Long Beach decades ago. Seeing this incredible instrument is worth the drive & the short prologue (singalong) prior to each film is not to be missed.

    And if you still feel the need for silent movies, don’t forget that LACMA does a pretty good job of showing silent movies from time to time… often accompanied by a small orchestra (instead of just an organ!).


  2. While all of these places may host silent movies, the only silent movie theater that is specifically for silent movies is the one on Fairfax. Not only do they have an organist (like in the old days), they also have a live band before hand, and home made cookies from the owners mom. How can it get better than that? And yes, these other places host silent movies, but they are not Silent Movie Theaters, which was my point. But I think all of these venues should be checked out, of course!

  3. The Silent Movie Theatre is one of L.A.’s gems. I watched a few Buster Keaton films there before it closed down due to the murder incident that took place back in the late 90s. I haven’t been back since. I’m curious to see how it’s been renovated.
    Thanks for the tip, Cindy!

  4. Yeah, the theater has a whole crazy history behind it. For instance, I find it funny that it wasn’t even built until after talkies were being made. But I don’t want to spoil anyone’s time; they tell you all this when you go…

  5. Bob Mitchell – the organ player – is an LA icon! There was a recent article on him here:

    And I agree with Joz – Old Town Music Hall is well worth the drive. I actually find the whole experience (not to mention the charming proprietors) there more enjoyable than the Silent Movie Theater. Finally, if you’re interested in silent films, check out Karie is one of LA’s biggest silent film advocates.

  6. You guys are right. The Silent Movie Theater Sucks and should be shut down RIGHT NOW. Don’t ever go there. Ever.

  7. Cindy, I never said the Silent Move Theatre sucked or should be shut down.

    I just thought that the Old Town Music Hall was another fine silent movie option in this fine city of ours.

    How many places in this world have more than one silent movie venues in regular operation?

    We are quite lucky to be in L.A.


  8. I miss the days when they had movies every night, though I completely understand why it’s not feasible for them to do so!

    All praise Bob! He’s been accompanying silent movies since they were still being made fresh!

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