Just a Signing

Blogging.la’s very own Wil Wheaton will be signing his book, Just a Geek, today at the Borders Bookstore in Arcadia. The signing starts at 4:00 and goes until someone brings him a Guinness all the books are signed. Details of the event are here and, if you’ve never ventured into the wilds of Arcadia before, you can get directions here.

3 thoughts on “Just a Signing”

  1. Wow. I wonder if Will’s signing will be abything like Hunter Thompson’s? I would love to see Will show up smashed going on about how you too can bind a blog and peddle it to a publisher. More than worth the trip to Arcadia.


  2. I wandered into that Arcadia Borders a couple of months ago when it was still a construction site..It was amazing, like an abandoned casino with peeling carpet because it hadn’t been nailed down yet. I wish I still had my cell phone camera. There was something really strange about there being no windows or any light source. It was like visiting ruins, but it was the opposite of that, i guess.

  3. damn!
    i spend sufficient time online avoiding deserving tasks, and yet i somehow managed to miss this opp.
    such is the depth of my despair…

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