Cycling Moment of the Week

Came across a playing card in the bike lane earlier this evening, a something of Clubs. I’ve been engaged in a weirdly narrow collection fetish for a while: Playing Cards Found During Bike Rides. So I stopped, rubber scrooching in sand. That’s when they caught my eye:

An entire deck of playing cards, scattered across the mud next to the road. My Giro-encased brain short-circuited for a moment, and my vision narrowed into a letter-box version of the world centered on that muddy field.

But I took a deep breath and pulled my bike into the field, mostly dry mud now. I had to focus. I spied the Joker, then another….

(Digression: Fat Boy Slim covers Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker” on his new album. Oh, and Bootsy Collins sings. How cool is that? I’ve heard it and the intersection of different worlds is very cool.)

Here is what the back of the cards look like:


Yes, a fake Bay Watch blond lifeguard. The redundancy in that phrase is astounding.

So I found the other Joker whilst looking for the Ace of Spades…


And left my collection obsession with those. No point in going overboard.

The temperature right now is 71 degrees. That mud is the result of some (relative to storms back east) mild weather earlier this week. I’m biking in afternoon sunshine. Not too shabby of a Fall so far. I just got a digital camera so I can take pictures of all the weird crap I see every day. I love Southern California.

2 thoughts on “Cycling Moment of the Week”

  1. as opposed to, say, southern calilfornia, i really really love life – especially today because not only are my in-laws not going to shun me for taking shaq’s side agaiinst kobe (i walked into a trap – maybe it’s a southern california thing, which i wouldn’t know because i just moved here from oakland; or maybe it’s a japanese american thing, which i wouldn’t know because they are and i’m not) anyway to get back to the original sentence, and the heck with picking things up gramatically, that’s what copy editors do and i’m not one of them either. so as i said, life is cool, my in-laws are cool, that new al green box set from hi records is cool, my new old ’83 fender p-bass which is in fact a japanese copy of a ’62 american p-bass (redundent or redundant, i know) is hell of cool, so is all that apple software that i’m running it through, and so is *the wire,* the best hbo show ever. and southern california, well so cal is ok, i’m pretty sure, even if i quit the best job in the world to come down here – to be with my wife who’s doing the mfa thing. and after being an arts editor, and being able to write anything i wanted anytime i wanted for 20 years i’m down here next to a coca cola factory that looks like the titanic and anytime i want to get up or down i gotta go up north, break out the english spanish dictionary. all of which is a long way of wondering out loud if you could run that one – “i love southern california” – by me again, because the antennae’s down, the signal’s weak, and i’ve a ultra-light carefully contoured machine broken down and sitting in a box because i can find anyplace to ride the god damn thing that isn’t going to bring the tweak the bring ’em back alive stats down below sky diving without a chute.
    i’m having trouble adjusting, and i’d appreciate any help i can get.

  2. The above comment reads like a doomed runaway hardtail careening down the El Prieto singletrack.

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