‘Tis (Almost) the Season to Give, Bastards

Got this from a friend, who found it in the AIDS Project Los Angeles newsletter.

You can register your Ralph’s Club card w/ AIDS Project Los Angeles. When you use the card, a percentage of your purchase goes to APLA. To sign up, e-mail your name, address, phone and club card # to [email protected], or for the suspicious folk, call Mark Tucker with APLA at 213.201.1651. Mark said they’re low on names so far, and Ralph’s makes it complicated for APLA to advertise this, so pass this on! You can also donate United Mileage Plus miles to APLA (minimum 1,000). Call United at 800.421.4655 for information.

And while I’m mentioning how it’s almost the holiday season can I take a moment to say how incredibly super mega annoying it is that Crate & Barrel at The Grove already has Christmas stuff out??!! Gimme a break! Hey, Crate & Barrel, in case you hadn’t noticed IT’S NOT EVEN F*&KING HALLOWEEN YET! I know everybody jokes about how they put holiday stuff out earlier and earlier every year, but this is out of control.

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