Spider Inventory of Silverlake

I’ve been enjoying the arachnids of my yard for the past few months, and I thought I’d share a few shots of them and of course everything that I found out about them (okay maybe not everything).


Because I know Joz doesn’t like spiders, I’ll put the rest of this post in the more section … lots of cool photos (all worksafe too!).

First is the most dynamic one. I’ve got a little family of green lynx spiders (Peucetia viridans) living on the purple fountain grass and lavender in the front yard. The momma has been on the fountain grass all year, but I recently noticed she had a clutch of baby spiders. Then, a scant week or so after the babies dispersed, she had a new egg sac.

There’s a smaller one that hangs around on the lavender right next to the grass, I think it’s the male.

(click on the photo for a larger version of momma with babies)

Will can attest to the ubiquity of these Orb Weavers. They are all over Los Angeles, I have three of them that I see regularly. One on the back balcony, one on my lime tree and one that’s up on the phone pole in the very back of our yard. They weave huge webs and sit there day in and day out. Their abdomen is about the size of a filbert. I did a little searching and the closest I can find to the ones I see are native to Australia. I wouldn’t be suprised if these were transplants, as I’ve got three eucalyptus trees.

The surprising part of my spider inventory is that it made me go back and examine this photo that I took earlier this year. I found this spider on the couch, under one of the pillows. I caught it in a clear plastic container, took a photo and then released it outside. I didn’t think anything of it, because we get these spiders in the house all the time. Well, it turns out it’s not a great spider to find. It’s known as the Hobo spider, aka aggresive house spider (Tegenaria agrestis). The bite of the house spider is often mistaken for a brown recluse, but the house spider’s bite causes necrotizing soft tissue around the bite site. Yee! I’m gonna be much more careful when I catch and release them in the future.

12 thoughts on “Spider Inventory of Silverlake”

    take that shit off or i cant read this blog for a week. they give me the WORST nightmares- and Im sure Im not alone in this! not cool, not cool at all cybele.

  2. Creepolicious, Cybele. Good halloween post, though. I was a little distressed to find two black widows at my new pad while we were working on it, but I removed them and haven’t seen any sign of return since we moved in. Of course, a little research revealed that they aren’t nearly as dangerous has common discourse would have you think. I was more worried about my cats than anything.

  3. I’m always worried about the dog eating spiders, too. I’m not sure how toxic black widows are to dogs, but I’m not keen on finding out the hard way.

    I’ve never seen a black widow. I’m told they’re all over the place in LA. Maybe I’m not looking closely enough … oh well, back to the yard!

  4. So are spiders just running all over the place in Silver Lake?

    I was considering moving over there, but I think those pictures just scared off this arachnophobe.

  5. SPIDER – he is our hero!
    SPIDER – get rid of…
    SPIDER – we love you, Spider!

  6. I have Black widow spiders here in Encino. anytime we open a crawl space, or interior, we have to look very carefully!………

  7. I’m with Emily. Spiders are fascinating. Sure, I don’t want any potentially harmful ones living under my cusions or in my crawlspaces, but I’m certainly less afraid of arachnids than the phobes like the first who posted DEMANDING the pix be taken off the front page. Yikes!

  8. Cybele, I also live in silverlake and is it me or is silverlake got way too many spiders?? whereever I go around my house or yard I have to tear my way thru spider webs…!!

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