Real Food Bathroom Stalkers

Something I’ve been meaning to write about for years are the portraits in the bathrooms at the West Hollywood Real Food Daily. RFD is a very well known gourmet vegan restaurant chain in LA with branches in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills (which has a kick ass brunch menu) but so far nothing east of the West Hollywood location next to Trashy Lingerie. I know you don’t give a crap about that so I’ll get on with the post… In the bathrooms they have these pencil sketch portraits up on the walls. Female friends have confirmed their presence in the woman’s room and this pic is from the little dudes room. OK, big deal, pictures in the bathroom. No, what’s weird is that these are of people like Henry David Thoreau, Agatha Christie, and Mahatma Gandhi. All very stern faced, all installed at a weird angle so they are looking down at you. It’s creepy alright? What’s up with that? When I’ve excused myself from a table of delicious treats to take care of business I want to get in and get out with minimal human interaction, but this art makes it seem like a whole gang of people are staring at you and watching your every move. Let me remind you, this is the bathroom, not a place I like my every move watched. Anyway, if you go check out RFD do order the soup of the day and the banana cream pie but skip the crapper unless you are some kind of weird-o exhibitionist who enjoys that king of thing. In that case, you’ll love it.

4 thoughts on “Real Food Bathroom Stalkers”

  1. Indeed! Portraits of famous people is abit much. How about pictures of everyday people?


  2. (Typo!!!!)
    Anyway, what if they had those portraits from Disney’s Haunted Mansion. I’d like that.

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