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Tonight for dinner I made Indian Food from a package. It was those weird Tasty Bite things you buy from Trader Joe’s, and after my other half and I finished eating them we realized how filthy dirty disgusting they are. Then I realized how much they cost (about $9 for three packages-just enough to feed two people). Then I thought, why the hell didn’t we just go out? Especially with all the great Indian food places around.
The best Indian food I’ve found lately has come from India Sweets and Spices, a big cafeteria-like restaurant in Los Feliz (Atwater?) on Los Feliz Blvd. Maybe you’ve heard of it? If not, I sincerely suggest going sometime, especially if you want really yummy food for dirt cheap. About five bucks gets you enough food to bust your pants with, and it’s really good. While you definitely aren’t paying for the ambiance, (unless you like the whole school cafeteria feeling), you are getting more than your money’s worth at this delicious restaurant. When you’re done you can even go next door to their food market and buy the things you just ate, and fail miserably at making them at home, like me. Very fun.

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  1. those tasty bites are loaded with salt too!! and fat too if memory serves. and they don’t even taste that good.

    another good indian restaurant, Gungadin, is worth the drive to studio city. it’s reasonably priced too.

  2. we love to get the pre-packaged ready-to-eat meal packets from india sweets and spice. they are tasty, relatively healthy and come in astronaut packaging!

    me and the wife make a trip every 2 weeks and buy around 10 which is good for at least 4-5 meals (along with rice and papadams and all the assorted condiments)

    IS&S has a whole aisle’s worth to choose from and so far we have not been disappointed.

  3. >Hey, somebody had to stick up the the newbie restaurant.

    Actually, the one on Venice is way old. I’m glad to hear there’s one on near downtown, though.

    While we’re bandying about the names of Indian restaurants, if you vegetarians haven’t tried Paru’s on Sunset in Hollywood, you should check it out.

  4. My favorite used to be Mumtaz on Melrose.

    I say “used to” because they have since changed management. It’s not that the service/food has gotten any worse (it hasn’t), but we are faithful to the former owner (who supposedly is opening a new Indian place somewhere off of Fountain, near Western).

    I haven’t figured out where this supposed new place is, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

  5. India Sweets & Spices Rules! As a regular for lunch there, I can safely say that everything I’ve tried is great…the only problem is their overhead menu is about 25 ft long(!) and since dishes are broken down by region, there are dozens of mysterious options…it’s easiest to just say…”uhhh..i’ll take the #2 lunch special please.”

    -p.s. R.I.P. to Chadni’s (main st. culver city’s veggie indian paradise)

  6. I can attest that Mumtaz, despite the change in ownership, is still great. Also, though they’ve stopped doing the lunch buffet, their lunch specials are cheaper and probably better than Star of India’s down the street. They have AMAZING iced tea as well. It’s worth going just for the tea.

  7. I love ISS on Glenfeliz too, but sometimes the food sits around so long it gets really crusty, the oil seperates and it gets sorta cold.

    The lines are also frustrating. Often the servers behind the counter are about as focussed and organized as a lethargic pack of puppies.

  8. Ah, India Sweets and Spices! There’s one on Fairfax, and one out in Canoga Park, too.

    My favorite Indian places in my neighborhood (Hollywood) are Gate of India on Sunset and Curry Palace next to Ye Coach & Horses (also on Sunset). Extra bonus fun if you’re actually eating at Curry Palace and the unseen chef in back insists on singing like Elmer Fudd. He may be the same guy who convinced me that I’d quite like beer with my delivery, as he, too, seemed to enjoy refreshing imbibements.

  9. great call! used to live down the street on dover and glenfeliz. iss is much better than the crazy billiard place that used to be there. cheap eats and my wife loves it. food does sit too long, but going around mealtime makes a difference with the freshness.

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